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Are we Humans really the rational beings we call ourselves? Or this is just a costume, a thin layer covering up the real creature inside us, governed by the same forces thatour ancestors, thousands of years agoexperimented and ruled their existence… Are our primeval instincts and ourunconscious mind living our lives,  deciding for us, tracing the paths of our destinies? or it is the fragile Persona who is at the helm... ?

Humans is a reflection on our mental health culture, in my believe that thereis no them, the insane ones, or us, thesane functional individuals, there is only a continuum , and we just oscillate betweenthe extremes all our lives... I want to represent this feelings, withoutjudgement, in the raw, with an scarcityof colours or materials, in the dark of ourinner worlds… just the chaotic movement,  no floor or balance, just falling, floatinginside a “masa obscura “ of emptiness…