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I am an studio & underwater photographer based in Nelson, New Zealand 

My passion is activism photography and videography mostly on environmental & social justice issues, through art as a way to connect with hearts and feelings.

If you would like to collaborate or need media for campaigns related to ocean protection, climate change, women rights or poverty, please don't hesitate to contact me at


I was born in Spain in 1961 and worked for several years in the fashion and distribution industry. After a period of reflection on the purpose of my life, I left Spain and went to live on a sailing boat, travelling to many countries around the Mediterranean, Africa and Asia.

Arriving to Thailand by chance, I started working with a charity dealing with the darker side of the tourism industry , working to create safe shelters for women and children living with HIV/Aids, fighting discrimination, stigma and the lack of health resources. This was the most  important and life changing period of my life, as it  allowed me to experience how best enact social change from a non for profit organisation perspective

I was honoured by the Spanish government to be named Honorary Consul of Spain in Phuket and receiving the Cross of Night of the Order of Isabel La Catolica.

I moved to New Zealand in 2009 with his wife Kung and daughter Ing, establishing our home and underwater studio in Nelson and became a New Zealand National 5 years later.

In my photographic career I initially focused in documentary photography, as a witness of the social problems of our world, and specially South East Asia, I later turned to Fine Art Photography, but with a focus in activism media and photography on matters related to environmental issues.

I am an Extinction Rebellion and Sea Shepherd volunteer and supporter and I have been trained in Climate Change action by the Al Gore organisation Climate Reality in Berlin 2018.

"Ocean Stories" will be the project in which I will be working mostly in the next 2/3 years.You can see more here: Ocean Stories